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{ "@type": "", "results": [ { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9665468, "transcript": "walk me through your story of where did you study how did you end up in Seattle how did you end up opening studios in Seattle tell me tell me about this is the way back was a punk rocker kid skateboard town of 2,000 people and really found that art and music in and design which I didn't really have that one time with my my lifeline ended up getting accepted to art school at a young age like the American Academy of Art like went out fishing Expedition small towns in Illinois When I grow corn field and got kids enrolled early so I was stoked and kind of got there not take the rest high school seriously cuz I started went to Chicago like Seventeen members has Naugatuck graduate early and went to art school but I wanted to do design and started to computer" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9708512, "transcript": "the time delay 90 and life drawing for the first year it was just like drawing news all day and I couldn't take it and I dropped out and I'll go to music school because I'm in a band that's a good idea and went to music school to compose music and realize that like all the heroes that graduated or writing Jingles snow I want to do that either he dropped out and destroys Them Bands and making posters and CDs for the band I like doing that I think more than play music in retrospect and that kind of led me into just this love for creativity expression but I really loved about creating posters was like you brought people together like I could bring people together through the time do ShopRite like it was always an event-based then I just started traveling the band broke up and I just started traveling around the country on the Greyhound bus for many years living on couches" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9647569, "transcript": "telemarketing jobs car washes whatever ended up at in Seattle on a whim ended up on a friend's couch ended up washing cars of the brown bear on 15th Avenue in the rain drawing them off in the rain really a challenge and I saw that stranger this is like two thousand one or two mm to the stranger retiring an ad sales person and I was very excited I love the stranger 3 social media that was like the place to find out like what bands are playing what was playing on Seattle I was like I don't have a chance to get this job so I'm just going to go for it I went and wrote my really shity resume of telemarketing experience like I need to make an impression so I went and got a heart-shaped balloon and it said I loved you on it mylar balloon helium put it in a big box and I sent it to the address" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9701358, "transcript": "attention Marty Griswold who is the hiring manager and he called me back and he was like what the hell was that you sent me this and I got an interview at another interview another interview is there really skeptical in hiring me and Mason were given the job and I really worked my ass off I had to let go so add you like new businesses so I had like Indian restaurants on the Ave and just like a mixed bag and what I realize like when selling them as really bad at like the data in like the metrics but I got people excited about the idea has the idea for the app so I finally had access to a Macintosh again and so I got Photoshop from the art Department there I started kind of working on pads in my Cube which was a not you're not supposed to do that cuz there's a design department and then I started taking like freelance projects in my Cube" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.97185683, "transcript": "send stock selling basically there's an ultimatum given to me that I have to hit he sailed all this is like 2 years and I have to have these sales goals or a buyer or we will give you a little severance package is there one here likes you and doesn't want you to go so we don't want to fire you. Will give you a call Severance this is like a half a paycheck Severance and I started my own. And it lasted about six months it was a total garbage fire but it's okay because out of it Ruben x-firm call dumb eyes and I was a little bit better like a five-year run that was under the critic Direction Christian Peterson he's still working today cuz I want you and we created I want a magazine and we have penetration where would reject animated gifs looping and DJ and passed out classes at refracting light into rainbow like fireworks 4th of July" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.969635, "transcript": "we created things like party and then out of that I started to realize that I really enjoyed like the community work that we're doing and the we worked for like tires Square we did like a first Thursday map in the website and we started working like social causes and there's a few of us and one of them the three owners that was Christian Cory Gunz and myself and we broke up broke that dissolve that company and we started civilization Stromberg cuz they're creative director now and Gabriel and Corey and I started third time's a charm we would sure like really intentional about what we want to do the kind of work and wanted to do and we're really inspired it was almost like coming together like a band In Real Life magazine in Garland on Grand Cherokee like we're just like geeking out about the designers and art movements that we loves and we thought that intention yeah an hour" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9690826, "transcript": "earthquakes in time and this just turning point are you talking about of realized that you like bringing people together and then saying how do you feel more for civic programming was that a risk to you or was that just a total Eyes Wide Open moment it was just something I kind of have been doing since I was a teenager it was I guess it was a risk but I don't really think of things that weigh in Dumb and annoying to my business partners in your studio we launched our design lecture series it happened really organically and it kind of happened out of the the idea of like Arcanine back does penetration club nights that we would throw like what's the grown up version of that I was in my thirties at that time there was like okay what's the Friday night I don't want to just totally get just smashed so what would that look like just kind of fell into place" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9378539, "transcript": "why don't we have these lectures I couldn't believe that people actually want to go to them I seriously. Like a couple people would come they started selling out instantly that was some really talk and I'm still shocked today in under 5 minutes yeah it kind of wild how that happened anywhere else" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.97372824, "transcript": " this base external or internal Creative Source that's been caught driving you is it something that you discovered or is it something that you knew was just it was there that you're like this is who I need to be the whole nother podcast maybe a series my father than very very interesting person who is kind of Off the Grid he's an accidental environmentalist he's like small-town rule kind of guy he goes by the cowboy that everyone knows them as we always joking and say his Solutions are redneck made guess I'll just take literally garbage and like we did together to make stuff he lives in a like abandoned garage he's like rebuilt and it doesn't look pretty but it's really functional in in weird like composting toilet collects rainwater and filters it" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9468526, "transcript": " that just kind of look like my my upbringing was very much you just make stuff we made toys we make for Pleasant skateboarding we made that was horrible a deathtrap he's not a Craftsman but he's very creative put it that way it was kind of like what else am I going to do that's what I know" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9454249, "transcript": " if you look at where you came from and where you're at today is there a relationship between what you would consider good work vs. well paying work we don't really look at it that way that's part of the intention experiment again I thought it was going to fail will one day I guarantee it again like back to see boy, and a Mankato AR-10 garlands and activist groups it was like how can we do good work and make their living or anything but we only take on projects that we believe it and of course there's a spectrum on that some are way more passionate than other projects but really like at the end of the day we feel great about all the work that we do when we put our everything we got into each project like a lot of the models are okay you know we do these projects to pay the bill and then we do like a pro bono saying are we" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9687975, "transcript": " get back we don't do that we just assess every project and if we are going to do kind of a lobo nothing for a social call on that we believe in we always do it in a lobo no way we want I want to have my skin in the game so they take it seriously and I value our work this experiment is not only see if we can do it but it's also to be kind of a model that hey people to get paid for the design of these organizations it just seems like a heart's in the right place but they're not not thinking in a way of how it's going to work and that's one thing they were looking for his people that can like have the vision and seem like they could execute the vision and then we work with them to help them execute that visit so there's a little bit of a matrix that does not a little bit of the feeling great example Amelia Bono of shout your abortion when I met her it was like oh damn you're amazing you're going to be a major player in reproductive Justice and women's rights" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.8098836, "transcript": " and I was like where and when I do this and she is she's going to be amazing" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9685749, "transcript": " so how are you meeting people like that is there a formal process in your mind or is it just putting yourself in the right place I only look at it is we don't cold call you don't really have like a process for getting a project which is again probably a dumb thing but what we do is we just really believe in the work that we're doing the leads in this project the whole Massimo vignelli close in perspective of the job you're doing that will lead to the next one well I have to add to that in my experience as the job you're doing today believe the one like three three projects from now we just keep doing that and the self initiate projects always pays off probably not one for one if you look at the spreadsheet in the finances it's probably a really bad business decision but is it feels like our Marketing in Beat Generation by doing stuff for communities by doing the lecture series by having the exhibition space it just it just creates these Ripple effects in people start to associated with doing that work so when they need work" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.95905644, "transcript": " Princeton Community came to us because true friend the friends she heard about our let's have dinner and talk about death project which was one of her first projects to do you did you did through a University of Washington class and then we elves credit Indiegogo to fundraise in and we got paid for a time through that she heard about that and the movement it started in the dust bass and getting people motivate that conversations and someone was like Hey you you're supposed to talk then that's what it was a collaboration absolutely like the work we do is based on what the client needs like our processes is very collaborative and it starts with a really long intense the discovery phase of just getting to know each other are getting to know what they're trying to do what they're trying to communicate really good at the corner of things a lot of like" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9585193, "transcript": " strategy baked in before we even touch and the paper or Mouse to pixel or whatever but yeah it's it is it's it's really getting to know each other if it's more of becoming like a on the same team does not it's not about being like best friends it's about just being on the same team in and having the same vision helping each other get to that point is that kind of relationship affect the technical contractual relationship between the two of you tell me not make a profit I mean like literally lose money and we gotten better at that one is tracking hours and really starting to understand how long things take to bake so that's evolved over the years but we're really like up front before we start we have like a pretty solid contribution statement of work when we start the project we have a whole onboarding session with my does not want to work that Nelly" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.95789313, "transcript": " structure so if anything bad goes or anything goes off the rails or anyting kind of a conflict happens we can change that conflict into an opportunity like you know we all agreed that the people are going to do now you want to add this new feature or want to add scope to the project hey we have a processor that we told you constantly like in South Surrey constantly getting better at that practicing that but it's gotten a lot better figure out a really great structure to make sure it's a fair for everyone a you know hey doesn't feel Fair 9 employees how is the planning and organization practices the course developed effect" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.95832175, "transcript": " project timeline and paste has broken into three Department we have the design Department we have the development department and we have the Advent overlap but that's that's the structure so the admin Department they're making sure all the client relationships are great and everything is on track and timing designed to focus on why not that they don't you don't have some admin duties and no matter what medium working in if it's physical digital branding environmental exhibition making a poster we apply the same process to it and that's a phase process is the design process that mean you know everybody has their own light version of it but it really is Dino with convergent Divergent thinking but what we've done is we map out how Long Beach" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9545596, "transcript": " is of that process when recruiting an estimate and then it's a very transparent with a client and if we go over we're very transparent so every phase is like oh we we didn't go over we have extra time so world that over to the next base or who the space took a lot longer because of the Unseen variable so we need to be careful in the next days or we need to start talking right now about to change this is like just really tracking everything and being really transparent and it's easier said than done but sometimes it's pretty easy if you're just really honest" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9709578, "transcript": " what matter honesty build more of that relationship that they started sometimes there's definitely frustration intention but we resolve it and anything about what we're doing is there a little abstract anybody who's doing design there's a little bit of an abstraction there and there's a little bit of unknowns and there's a lot of trust that's needed a party how do you describe your team in your process to these clients how we look at it is we look at design no matter what we're designing and I should say visual communication to that's what we we specialize we see it's pretty medium of Gnostic so like whether we're designing again a logo or a website or piece of trim collateral or environmental or an installation we approach it in the same way and how we do that is that we believe" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9734057, "transcript": " set designers the series of choices so there's a lot of choices and how we do that and we have this lens working and creating a mount lenses through the lens of empathy sustainability in meeting so for empathy in about how we're going to the audience and how can I create an inclusive and intuitive experience for them it's just a nobility were thinking about that away from an environmentalist I expected but like longevity future for I wouldn't work for creating a system or something like a logo like how is it going to how is it going to have longevity how is it going to be working all format for website how can we create the back and structures easy fire Partners to be able to add change in above the site and then meaning it's really all about listening to them and figure out what they want to communicate make sure the lines with their" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9707906, "transcript": " vision and Mission in their goals and objective way of critiquing work cuz if someone says how you know what I just don't like the color blue I miss that he chose me like okay what don't you like about it is not resonate With Me shows blue because we're talking about blue sky and that's why we chose blue what's another color that get a boat that thing and then have a conversation that's outside of the subjective I like this I don't like that if there's a really hard to think about how it works and why and I can be applied to any video" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9659692, "transcript": " is this the kind of conversation that you have to ensure that the work that you're making has an impact on the client business and and socially within the context of the states so ingrained on the sooner we say this like almost every meeting it's like we're broken record we're always thinking about this and it's always the one looking for outside of our personal taste sometimes like it's just that it's a really great way to like critique it our own work and be able to look at as objectively as possible which is how much opinion that is pure how much how many design decisions are purely based on the fact that you like blue how do those bleed into the worst possible for them not to but for me as if a designer like the blue and the native flu they need to justify life" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9744574, "transcript": " sister just say why you think was right and why red is it because we have our self initiated stuff like the lecture series we can play with that with electricity but it doesn't matter to blue or pink or whatever so that's just kind of fun so that's our kind of free rein we also think of things that are sometimes intentionally that's what started this kind of realize in the last couple years like we will be doing like design conference or event branding Princeton's meow Town Hall in are in Seattle did the big renovation and the come back to home they did this Festival monthly that's when they called the homecoming basketball we loved working with them on on The Branding for that and we had me and Abby ideas was playing on the the shapes and forms from the building and we found typography that that did that but we we got to play and we knew it was like this is September 2019" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.966151, "transcript": " I would like September 2019 and it's not printing something that's like oh this is a load of offending you to last them for 5 years and years cetera to play but we always want to come back to that project that you're working on today that you feel the same kind of a passion for given the recovery Christ call it send it I mean such an intense time to be living in a time where everyone on the planet pretty much is experiencing you're reacting to the same thing at the same time in the are in the such of myriad of realities Spectrum from it this is like destroying people's lives in their loved ones are dying and then up there with them to people who looks just like an extended snow day and everywhere in between being it being scary and being sad it's also an invigorating time for creativity and we've been really inspired to make things out" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.97728485, "transcript": " people cuz I totally love to do anyway so we have so many projects going on a few or self-initiated fewer collaboration and we've been super busy and working really hard to do as much as we can to help our team getting a little bit Friday night I know they're like stop should I just don't like throwing myself into to work and trying to get the stuff on the ground but the first thing that we won the first things that we did a new self initiate project right now by the hour by the hour. Live it's happened really organically in kind of by accident in the weird way like galleries in first Thursday and there's a first Thursday art walk empire has been going on for 30 years so we're like let's make a virtual one and we started talking to a friend from real magic Studio Chris Brown and he was like yeah I love doing we just started having all this conversation and dug into it and then we watched this thing we put it together like two weeks. Logo that you're broken up with this actual clock with a working clock in" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.95501864, "transcript": " and then we would end up with Lauren galleries a journalist to town and yeah we did that and now we're going to do another one in May and bring him to see where this goes I was covered it turns into a different project or not project we're also working with a full Magazine on support small Seattle we're interviewing a local businesses and Mike a couple days and it's just really amazing business model for lack of better words model where it's based on slow funding so it helps connect people with me to community organizers that I cannot lie down on the ground to get people help and you can give and receive $15,000 tax free on both ends so that's what this does it helps people that need groceries" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9651898, "transcript": " I need you to pay the rent cuz our government working right now with the recompose which is a product by Katrina Spade not only got the legislation passed in Washington be the first state that allows human composting but she's going to have a facility designed by Allen esken's orpington day that's opening in Spring that is the greatest and most sustainable way for end-of-life and we're helping with all that has been digging in and reinvigorating time I lay down at the projects but so that's what you're doing now what is what is a day-to-day process typically look like in the studio vs. this kind of everyone's remote situation" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.96220356, "transcript": " some ways were more connected than we are in the studio is we're so used to just like popping over to someone's desk and be like hey what about this but those conversations are usually a bit just 121 and now it's like oh well let's include everyone when sick of transparency on these things or we'll have a big Zoo meeting the neverland kind of talking so in some ways were there might be a little bit more clarity and transparency and then obviously in other ways there's not cuz it's hard to stay connected it's harder than everyone hear your conversation in the studio cuz even our space is Big open space self yeah it's really it's kind of fascinating to see how the work the process is changing we're still at hearing or process but like minutiae of each paises" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9682092, "transcript": " a little bit different and it's really odd cuz we work me to we work all over the world and we're used to like working remote with clients that's weird and not have the team all sitting around a table the taco like we're all in our own pods everyone has like a dog or a kid or someone else doing laundry in my house is crazy Cooter the Creative Group and cheese really busy right now I'm really busy and then our 5-year old is just like really climbing the walls and we're trying our best to be good parents during the day where is there a tension that you find between trying to feed the creative culture of of your studio and what it what it takes to actually run it" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9485553, "transcript": " absolutely for me I would love to just do work that that we just didn't get paid it's just all like just go just maybe a few partner I don't I don't know like for me it's just like whatever crazy ideas we can dream up let's do but the reality is we would not be able to pay anybody and we wouldn't be able to survive so there is always that balance again the experiment we're trying to do it in the way that is so close to that but there's always a little bit of that tension tell her to go like start a TV show tomorrow what kind of course I'd love to live in a utopian society or Whatever Whenever with endless resources no joke making sure everything gets paid every 2 weeks has always been the biggest bird in the phone in the studio" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.8787925, "transcript": " used to of the years that doesn't keep me up at night as much as it used to it just part of it" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.96655357, "transcript": " yeah it what is is what is a successful Studio environment look like to you is it is it having resources to pursue your own projects or is it is it simply that the Baseline of being able to take care of everyone and anything on top of that is his gravy I like the triple bottom line type thing people profit in the environment cabinet enough resources to survive in a pretty expensive city that's number one and then a really close second is being able to do the most meaningful work we can and if we couldn't do the most meaningful work that we can and that starts to become a regular thing then that's probably you know that it would be over or if the people are can survive going to be over and then if we're not do" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.958382, "transcript": " not doing things are the most part happy not going to say there's not bad days but like we're proud of the work we're doing we're doing the kind of work we want to do and we have time to do self initiated projects I'm just kind of a brat sometimes with the self initiate project I just wanted more and more of them but but like I'm very content happy with the growth of our own studio and the end the city of gotten more expensive to live in but with that comes more businesses in more people they say it's an interesting and I think it's hard and I think it's hard to have Clarity right now in this area of Covington so many amazing people lost their jobs right now and I think it's going to in the creative industry not to mention his own issues but I don't know what the future holds" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.96994275, "transcript": " looking back over the last couple years it's interesting because so many medium small Studios have had to close their doors and it seems like the middle is being kind of rodent and things have been kind of push down or either pushed up so I'm 1 Spectrum you have all these designers getting huge salaries. People making huge salaries golden handcuff how do you go that's going to be a hard transition to go get out of Bella's getting that salary and having a lifestyle and I on the other hand you have things being pushed down to like super cheap work you value in design and then there's not much left in the middle I think a lot of that it has to do with the cost of living and the salaries that you can get at certain places some of it I think is also just a product of Technology being easier to make things like Squarespace and bring it back to dumb as we used to sell small websites that were very affordable and help pay the bills and these times I would never recommend" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.96075433, "transcript": " anyone hiring us to make it like new Squarespace or you Shopify I think all of that really affect what's happening and for us my strategy is just to try to like working in many places as possible to get projects all over the country and in some cases the world just so we're not totally just contingent on our local economy" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9670332, "transcript": " and then are you bringing in external resources like contractors are Freelancers if you have projects another area or or Skill Center will bring them and I got a project or don't really make them like a part of the studio we're really trained singer with a fine not that we know our strengths or weaknesses copywriters we have our partners that we love to partner on that and we just connected with the clients and then we get to work as a team but I'm of that contract and stuff in the building and all that doesn't go through so we're we're pretty careful about that you don't really hire Freelancers to help for contractors to help instill such we have although now that this time is changing rapidly and I have a lot of friends and really channels of people that I know about that Freelancers in the projects so that might change for us the fire if our phone keeps ringing and we're getting projects are tearing about project it might not not going to take it down but just like we always try to refer" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9586725, "transcript": " we're always just trying to make a design to in the strongest possible with really believe that like all of us rides together what are you going to see your relationship to the local creative Community here but also the creative community in and other places that you're engaging with her conferences are Oracle and both ways can you bring people like lecture series exhibition space where I was trying to bring people outside of our community to our community and Inspire community and when I was trying to Champion our community and other places we're trying to making a symbiotic is possible sometimes it's easier to Champion Seattle outside of Seattle sometimes it's easier sometimes like City like New York and you know we're always what I was trying to do that so as you're at your building up this community how do you how do you view the education of new people coming into the" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.9680429, "transcript": " your creative community of an area should they be formally trained should they be learning as an as an intern to someone as far as entering into the credit bureau the graphic designer weather whatever I really think being able to learn how to learn like everyone at our studio that's that's the thing that they I think that is their strength we're all really good at learning to learn so Francis vigano how to do something we're going to go online and figure it out a way to call somebody and ask them and then practice it and get better at it I think that's critical that's way more important to me than someone with a bachelor's degree wherever top school design program it someone that Blake can adapt and learn what they don't know for me my particular agenda is usually trying to Champion design to new designers the lecture series was one of the beginning" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.97323155, "transcript": " is not one but if I could wear you into just like if you're like a musician to be like what bands are going to a lot of the time people don't know and I think it's a problem industry-wide if you want to do this work why why don't you want to be known for the work that you do and you're spending your whole life working on and look at all this amazing inspiration in these people that have done it and I can show you what you know just by looking at their work or did you intend to learn about them we can learn so much about your own work best for me like we're education comes in and I think when you move to a new city I think it's good to just I don't need people and listen and see what's happening and see where there's maybe space for you to do what you want to do and I I love that we have our space because I get to meet a lot of people that moved here will be come to the exhibition spacer email me and I have coffee I love being like a little bit of a Seattle design Welcome Wagon just" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.93422973, "transcript": " cuz I find it Fascinating People move here exciting people come to you to engage with you at parties where I grill a barbecue everyone's food so that everyone has to come to me and then I got to talk to everyone and tell me why the best for each other trying to help each other or just engaging in advance hosting events even if their technical Workshop events if they're purely social events just showing up and engage in absolutely no" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.96734995, "transcript": " like the doesn't need to be an agenda it always kind of bothers me a little bit when it's just like just going me people and just be real instead of my calling you to get a job and I'm here to networker whatever just like many people have so many stories were like 10 years ago and now we're doing this project together or they just saved my ass cuz I have this project and I wasn't able to fit a bill to pay my rent relationship wasn't one of transaction who are you content in your friend is like today in myself I'm really really really fortunate and and really privileged place to be able to do this work that I love to do I I can't believe how lucky I am and very can. I'm always a little rest first I won't always think I could do better and I always think there's more stuff and I'm always tired and excited but yeah I'm very lucky" } ] }, { "alternatives": [ { "confidence": 0.96494895, "transcript": " 2 questions what gets you up at 5 a.m. today with a smile and what do you think would get you up at 5 a.m. and literally today I did wake up really early cuz they are to board up the windows of the gallery and studio and I've been working on I'm cutting vinyl for this message regarding putting on the studio wall so I literally got up really early today and I'm weed vinyl in my living room and I love it it's not a project it's it's nothing it's a it's a femoral things but up on our windows but it's exciting because I'm leaving it in the muffler it's a new thing I learned is how to cut vinyl and then five years from now I hope that I'm getting up and be able to go to the studio and everyone is working hard and has a text from someone from a smile or a spark in there I thank you very very much" } ] } ] }